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Professor Sir David Williams
Professor Sir David Williams

The Sir David Williams Lecture is an annual address delivered by a guest lecturer in honour of Sir David Williams, Emeritus Rouse Ball Professor of English Law and Emeritus Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge University.



4 May 2023: Professor Kate O'Regan

"The Craft of Constitutional Adjudication"

6 May 2022: Professor David Feldman

"White water rafting: The UK's constitutions at a time of stress"

18 October 2019: Lady Brenda Hale

"Principle and Pragmatism in Public Law"

19 October 2018: The Rt Hon. Beverley McLachlin

"Where Are We Going? Reflections on the Rule of Law in a Dangerous World"

24 February 2017: Sir Rabinder Singh

"Divided by a common language: British and American perspectives on constitutional law"

2016: Sir Stephen Sedley

"The lion beneath the throne: law as history"

2015: Cheryl Saunders
(Personal Chair in Law, University of Melbourne)

"Devolution. Federation. Constitution. From here to where?"

2014: Professor Conor Gearty
(LSE / Matrix Chambers)

"Not in the Public Interest?"

2013: Jean-Paul Costa
(former President of the European Court of Human Rights)

"The Relationship Between the European Court of Human Rights and National Constitutional Courts?"

2012: The Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Laws

"The Good Constitution"

2011: Professor Jeremy Waldron

"The Rule of Law and Human Dignity"

2010: The Hon Michael Beloff QC

"A View from the Bar"

2009: John G Roberts Jnr
(Chief Justice of the United States)

"Abraham Lincoln and the Supreme Court"

2008: Dame Sian Elias
(Chief Justice of New Zealand)

"Taking Power Seriously"

2007: The Hon Mr Justice Arthur Chaskalson
(Retired Chief Justice of South Africa)

"The Widening Gyre: Counter Terrorism, Human Rights and the Rule of Law"

2006: The Rt. Hon Lord Bingham of Cornhill KG
(House of Lords)

"The Rule of Law" 

2005: The Hon Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
(Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States)

"Looking Beyond our Borders: The Value of a Comparative Perspective in Constitutional Adjudication"

2004: Professor Ronald Dworkin
(New York University, School of Law)

"Interpretation, Politics and Law"

2003: Sir Kenneth Keith
(Senior New Zealand Court of Appeal Judge)

"Sovereignty at the Beginning of the 21st Century - Fundamental or Outmoded?"

2002: Sir Sydney Kentridge QC
(Brick Court Chambers)

"The Highest Court: Selecting the Judges"

2001: The Hon Justice Sandra Day O'Connor
(Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States)

"Altered States: Federalism and Devolution at the 'Real' Turn of the Millennium"