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Events in 2022

Lord Carnwath - Privacy International (Yorke Distinguished Visiting Fellows Seminars)

The Faculty of Law is organising in the 2022-23 academic years three seminars on key public law cases, given by three Yorke Distinguished Visiting Fellows – Lord Carnwath, Lady Hale, and Lord Lloyd-Jones and sponsored by the Centre for Public Law.

The first of these seminars took place on Wednesday 16 November and was given by Lord Carnwath, looking at the Privacy International case. Lord Carnwath gave the leading judgment of the majority in the case. Lord Carnwath and Professor Alison Young talked about the impact of the new ouster clause found in section 2 of the Judicial Review and Courts Act 2022. Lord Carnwath talked about his judgment in this case and the new legislation, with a brief response from Alison Young.

Other formats of this recording are available on the University Streaming Media Service.