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London/Cambridge: 20-23 July, 2011

Summary of Presentations


Wednesday 20 July

Session: 'The Humanities Under Threat?'

Chair: Simon Blackburn

Jonathan Cole, Stefan Collini, Michael Crow, Robert Post, Martin Rees, Adam Roberts


Edited transcript of the session

Transcript of Panel Discussion at the British Academy:



Jonathan R. Cole, 'The Great American University, Its Rise to Preeminence, Its Indispensable National Role, Why It Must Be Protected':

Michael Crow, notes:

Martin Rees, notes:

Adam Roberts, notes:

Thursday 21 July

Session: 'Threats to the University'

Chair: Nicholas Christenfeld

Discussion Leaders:
Charles Dellheim, John Marenbon, James Weinstein



James Weinstein, notes:

Session: 'Is Scientific Research Over- or Under- Regulated'

Chair: Pauline Perry

Discussion Leaders:
Rafael Fonseca, George Poste, Janet Radcliffe Richards


Rafael Fonseca, notes:









Session: '(Mis)Communication Between Scientists and Policy Makers as a Threat to Trust and Accountability in Science'

Chair: Charles Kennel

Principal Participants:
Matthew Freeman, Lawrence Krauss, Pauline Perry, Martin Rees, James Wilsdon


Matthew Freeman, notes:

Lawrence M. Krauss, notes:

Pauline Perry, notes:

James Wilsdon, notes:

Martin Rees, notes:

Friday 22 July

Session: 'Threats from Contracts'

Chair: John Bell

Discussion Leaders:
Edna Murphy, David Healy


David Healy: Notes:

Edna Murphy: Notes:



Session: 'Threats from Data Protection and from Ethics Committees as Applied to Social Science Research'

Chair: James Weinstein

Discussion Leaders:
David Erdos, Ross Anderson


Ross Anderson: Speaking Notes: / General Notes:

David Erdos: Notes: / Slides:


Session: 'Threats from Freedom of Information Laws'

Chair: Christopher Forsyth

Discussion Leaders:
Maurice Frankel, Jacob Rowbottom, James Wilsdon



James Wilsdon, notes:














Session: 'Threats from Libel Laws'

Chair: Eric Barendt

Discussion Leaders:
David Howarth, Adrienne Page, Simon Singh

Principal Participants:
Ivan Hare, Kirsty Hughes, Alastair Mullis, Robert Post, Andrew Scott, Jacob Rowbottom, Michael Smyth, James Weinstein


Ivan Hare, notes:

Adrienne Page QC, notes:

Simon Singh, notes:

Recording of session:

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Saturday 23 July

Session: 'Threats to Academic Freedom: How do the various threats considered during this conference implicate academic freedom?'

Chair: John Marenbon

Discussion Leaders:
Eric Barendt, Robert Post



Robert Post, notes:

Session: 'Discussion of Possible Conference Statement and Follow-up Conferences'



Conference Statement Regarding Data Protection:




Additional Resources


Dave Bosworth: Notes: