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The Centre has a variety of research activities. Most of the research is conducted by individual members of the Centre, sometimes in collaboration with colleagues outside and inside Cambridge. To foster discussion, the Centre holds occasional lectures and workshops, as well as the informal meetings of the Public Law Discussion Group.

Since it is primarily a research institution, the Centre does not seek to provide a structured programme of continuing education courses for the legal profession. However, a number of its conferences and seminars are accredited with CPD points, and it is hoped that its research activities, and the publication of the results of that research, will continue to be of particular interest to legal practitioners and those involved in public law.

Members of the Centre for Public Law include:

  • Professor Trevor¬†Allan
  • Professor John Allison
  • Professor John Bell
  • Dr Dominic de Cogan
  • Professor Mark Elliott
  • Professor David Erdos
  • Professor David Feldman
  • Dr Nick Friedman
  • Lady Brenda Hale
  • Dr Kirsty Hughes (Director)
  • Dr Stephanie¬†Palmer
  • Dr Stevie Martin
  • Mr Alistair Mills
  • Dr Edmund Robinson
  • Dr Andrew Sanger
  • Dr Shona Wilson Stark
  • Dr Martin Steinfeld
  • Dr Stefan Theil
  • Dr Sophie Turenne
  • Professor Alison Young

Research Students attached to the Centre

  • Alexandra Allen-Franks
  • Guy Baldwin
  • Tim Cochrane
  • Matilda Gillis
  • Bethan Hall
  • Vandita Khanna
  • Nick Kilford
  • Kate Ollerenshaw
  • Darren Peterson
  • Aradhya Sethia