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Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Parliament and Brexit reportThe UK in a Changing Europe has published a report entitled 'Parliament and Brexit' which draws on the expertise of some of the leading scholars in the field, who have been asked to explore the role that Parliament has played to date on Brexit, as well as the challenges and opportunities that Parliament is likely to face during phase two of the UK-EU negotiations.

Faculty members Professor Catherine Barnard and Professor Alison Young contributed the chapter on 'Parliament’s legal role'.

The Brexit process revealed many things. Not least, it taught us a lot about Parliament’s somewhat contested place in our system of government.

Throughout the Article 50 period the House of Commons in particular wielded significant influence over a minority government – so much so that Theresa May was moved to criticise Parliament in a live address to the British people.

So what have we learned? And where does Parliament go from here? This report draws on the expertise of some of the leading scholars in the field.

Their contribution can also be found on entitled 'The UK Parliament’s legal role'.

For more information about work by Professor Barnard and Professor Young, see their Faculty profiles.