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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Cheryl Saunders Delivers 2015 David Williams Lecture on 'Devolution. Federation. Constitution. From here to where?'On Friday 27 February 2015 Laureate Professor Cheryl Saunders of the University of Melbourne delivered the 2015 CPL Sir David Williams Lecture entitled "Devolution. Federation. Constitution. From here to where?" at the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge.

Professor Saunders considered the progress of devolution in the United Kingdom, exploring from an analytical and also a comparative perspective the possible future directions of either federalism, or the adoption of a written and entrenched constitution in which the concept of devolution would be enshrined.  The comparative perspective focused mainly on (although was not restricted to), Professor Saunders' native Australia, where federalism reform is also currently being considered.

The Sir David Williams Lecture is an annual address delivered by a guest lecturer in honour of Sir David Williams, Emeritus Rouse Ball Professor of English Law and Emeritus Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge University, hosted by the Centre for Public Law (CPL).

More information about this lecture, including other recorded formats, a transcript, and photographs from the event, is available from the Sir David Williams Lecture pages on the CPL website.